ExpoKids Online Application

How to Use the ExpoKids Online Application

Prior to Using ExpoKids:

  1. Identify media-specific exposure data from the literature or other source for a chemical of interest.
  2. Compile your ADDs by media using the format in the ExpoKids sample data file (Dec 2020) (Excel).

Using ExpoKids:

  1. Download the ExpoKids sample data file (Dec 2020) (Excel).
  2. Scroll past the background information and disclaimer to use the ExpoKids Shiny app. Click the 'Upload' button on the top-left corner of the navigation bar on the left side of the page. You will be prompted to select the spreadsheet on your computer (from the second step listed under 'Prior to Using ExpoKids') containing the ADDs.
  3. Click the buttons on the left to generate the various graphs. Note that you can switch from 'stacked' to 'grouped' (and select or deselect media) by clicking on the little circles in the legend at the top of each graph. Note also that, for the Media Graphs, there is one tab for ADD and another tab for LADD.
  4. To download the graphs produced by ExpoKids for your data, right-click the graph. You can save it in several different file types.

Uploaded ADD Table (mg/kg-d)

Lifestage Tables

Average Daily Dose (ADD) Table (mg/kg-d])

Lifetime Average Daily Dose (LADD) Table (mg/kg-d)

Lifestage Graphs

ADD by Lifestage Graph

LADD by Lifestage Graph

ADD Cumulative Percent by Lifestage

Media Graphs

Summary Graphs

ADD Graph

Cumulative Percent